Margaret Cho

December 11th 2017 - Konzerthaus


Margaret Cho – Fresh Off The Bloat
live on stage at Berio Saal / Konzerthaus
December 11th 2017, 19:30

(There has been a change of location)

Five time Grammy & Emmy nominated comedian Margaret Cho has much to celebrate as she was recently named one of Rolling Stone magazine’s 50 Best Stand-Up Comics of All Time and is set to launch what is sure to be her sickest stand-up comedy show to date this fall. A pioneer amongst women in comedy, Margaret doesn’t take anything for granted as she continues to tackle difficult subjects with sensitivity and her razor sharp insight with her takes on addiction, abuse, activism and Asianness. It’s all about the politics of disgust and what is disgusting about politics.

Aptly titled, Fresh Off  The Bloat,” Margaret says, “Fresh Off The Bloat” is my sickest show to date.  My grandmother said “You look like bloated as if you’ve been found dead in a lake after several days of searching.” Koreans are the most savage of all the Asians. My new show is all about being fresh off drugs and drinking and suicide and coming back to life – finally fished out of the river Styx. It’s meta. It’s magical. It’s me. / Twitter: @margaretcho / YouTube / Facebook

Impressions from a “Stand Up, Vienna!”-night with Margaret Cho and Rocco Stowe at beautiful Berio-Saal/Konzerthaus Wien. Thank you all for coming!